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Tax Planning & Tax Preparation

Early Review of Client Information to Spot Issues & Opportunities
CPA plus dedicated Client Coordinator to Ensure Smooth On-Boarding of Information and Preparation of Returns.

Our Mission

  • Accelerate the preparation of personal & Business tax returns, avoiding extensions if possible.

  • Get accurate year-to-date numbers BEFORE year-end to optimize planning and avoid surprises

  • Promptly reply to client calls, emails & messages

  • Use best practices to exchange information and protect client privacy.


Our Firm

Glenn Frost

CEO & Founder

Early review of client information and fast preparation of tax returns has a profound impact on the quality, results and peace of mind you receive:

  • Planning opportunities can be used before deadlines pass,
  • Information is not forgotten or lost,
  • Unpleasant surprises, delays and extensions are avoided.

That’s why we created the Affinity – Accelerate program, to fast-track the planning and completion of your tax return(s).

This starts with providing us accurate income and expense information, ideally before year-end. We can help you with do-it-yourself templates for your rental properties and smaller businesses with a low volume of transactions.

Because of out focus is on tax planning and preparation we do not offer routine bookkeeping or accounting services, except to review and adjust information as needed. We have “Partner” relationships on this website that we can refer you to, who would work directly with you.

Call 203-375-8000 or email us at and one of  our client-coordinators cab set up a call with one of our CPAs.

Glenn S. Frost, CPA

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way



Retainer services for accounting, tax planning/advisory services and tax return preparations.

Real Estate – Property Management, Development/Construction, HOAs

Accounting, Payroll, tax services, job cost, AIA pay applications, homeowner’s associations

Affinity - Accelerate

Accelerated planning and completion of:

Personal Tax Returns
Partnership and S Corp Tax Returns
Fiduciary Tax Returns

Clients provide Affinity with up to date information for their businesses and personal income and expenses.
Calls and meetings to review are scheduled as needed, ideally before year-end.
Tax returns are completed without extensions if possible.
Documents are exchanged via Affinity’s secure portal.

· The final fee is determined by the amount of CPA and staff time needed to complete the return.
· When returns are completed, projections for next-year estimates are included.
· Affinity will make or receive calls and emails at various times during the year and does not charge for these, unless a significant follow-up is needed.

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